Thursday, 4 June 2009

Cultural Differences

Back in the mists of time, I displayed an uninspired cover made woeful by the lack of a comma.

I was reminded of that by this self-help book. It probably looked fine to the American publishers, but people in the UK will get a very different mental image from the title than the author would have intended.

Still, I suppose it's better to use it in overcoming obstacles than it is to cook with it.


Ian Koviak said...

That's how i overcome all of my obstacles. Is there another way?

Unknown said...

Made even worse with the exclamation mark, if you ask me.

Rex Parker said...

Did they have to change the color to emphasize "Spunk"'s whiteness?

That "Come On People" cover makes me LOL every time I see it - it works on so many levels.


Cassandra Gold said...

Really, are there any problems that CAN'T be overcome with spunk?

I can't think of any...