Wednesday 13 April 2016

Publisher Spotlight #1: Restless Books

Being the first in a series looking at recent line-wide work by publishers who are doing most excellent work


Restless Books launched a few years ago as an ebook company specialising in translations, but fortunately for lovers of both good books and good design they have started releasing paper versions of their books--and they publish some amazing books.

I'll focus here on the four paperbacks in their Cuban Science Fiction series (that they should have such a specific series at all shows how different they are to most publishers), with two books each from Agustín de Rojas and the monosyllabically named Yoss.

All four have covers designed by Cuban-American designer Edel Rodriguez, and I love the way they neither neglect their SF-ness nor fall into cliche in any way. Rodriguez was also responsible for these lovely Chinua Achebe covers a few years ago.

These books are as interesting as they are inviting, proper SF of ideas with fine writing, and you suspect their authors have utilised speculative fiction much as the wonderful Strugatsky brothers did: as an effective way of exploring humanity and ideas under a repressive government.

Restless doesn't only do Cuban sci-fi, though. Here is a selection of some of their other best covers...