Sunday 9 December 2007

Punctuation is Important

Oh yes indeedy, it really is.

Below is the cover of a book I have no intention of reading. It's "a powerful message for families and communities ... for people who are stuck because of feelings of low self-esteem, abandonment, anger, fearfulness, sadness, and feelings of being used, undefended and unprotected. The authors aim to help empower people make the daunting transition from victims to victors." And there's nothing wrong with that--it's just not my bag of beans.

It has an ugly cover design, which earns it a place here in any case. There's something reminiscent of those annoying, allegedly 'inspirational' PowerPoint presentations that get emailed around workplaces to it. It must have taken 30 seconds of thought and perhaps 3 minutes of execution to produce.

And, finally, it really, really needs a comma after the second word of the title.

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