Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Pulp Shenanigans

Here's another of those duplicated cover images, with both places being collections of old pulp crime stories. Presumably it's been on at least 3 covers, since somewhere there's an old magazine that was its original appearance.

While we're on the subject of anthologies of old pulp stories, here's one of the most unfortunate book titles ever:

If only this was in print still; you could go up to your bookshop counter and ask for hard-boiled dicks, and mean it. This book is not to be confused with The New Hard-Boiled Dicks: A personal checklist, which is a completely different book with an equally amusing title.


Anonymous said...

The fact that the slugger hitting the bull's eye appears to be holding on to something hidden from our eyes (maybe to keep the slug-ee positioned right) works particularly well.

JRSM said...

Ha! I hadn't seen that, but it really does seem that he's making use of, er, nature's handle.