Sunday 28 September 2008

More Master and Margarita

A book which this blog keeps coming back to is Mikhail Bulgakov's astonishing The Master and Margarita: in the past we've looked at the numerous English-language book covers, as well as a number of attempts at comic adaptations.

I've recently come across the work of Ukrainian artist Pavel Orinyansky (born 1955). He has produced a number of illustrations for a Russian edition of this great book, as well as colour cover artwork. Here is the Mucha-influenced front cover (click for a bigger version):

Here's the sinister title page:

And here is a selection of the interior artwork (click for bigger versions):

Orinyansky's work has been chosen to decorate Bulgakov House in Moscow, with some of these images shown at life size. (Warning: that site is in Russian only; for a vague English translation, try this.)


PIGNOUF said...

Quelle superbe serie !
j'en redemande
A bientôt...:)

JRSM said...

Thank you!

Jenny said...

These are my favorite illustrations for M&M. Thanks for posting them!

JRSM said...

My pleasure--this book really seems to inspire great work from a lot of artists.

Jan Vanhellemont said...

You can find much more illustrations of this splendid novel on