Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Current reading is David Rose's The Vault: An Anti-Novel (the subtitle coming from the fact that part of the book is a novel, and part is the annoyed commentary from the man whose life story inspired the novel). It's really good!

I bought it on the strength of a very positive review that I now can't find, and am very glad I did. This is true even though a lot of it concerns sports (competitive cycling, in this case), and the world of sports is not just a closed book to me, but a closed book locked in a safe, sealed in concrete and sunk in a pit of toxic waste. Fortunately, it also concerns sniping and nuclear espionage, among other things.

The cover is a lovely bit of work by the great David Pearson: it doesn't attempt to graphically represent anything from the story: it just uses text and simple shapes to seize the eyeballs.

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Ian Koviak said...

and seize them it does...