Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Striking a Light

In October 2007, two fascinating books were published which revealed the impressive and attractive world of Indian matchbox and matchbook art: Tara Books released Shahid Datawal's Matchbook (which is actually in a slipcase in the form of a giant matchbox, with a striking edge and everything...

..while Ten Speed released Warren Dotz's similar Light of India, also in a matchbox-shaped slipcase.

Now Penguin is following this lead with 2011's Kipling re-releases, all of which are decorated with groovy Indian matchbox labels.

For more of this matchbox art, see this impressive collection.


Derek said...

Neat idea ... the visual vocabulary of the Indian matchbox transposed to book covers. The contrast with the Penguin branding at the bottom of the covers is a bit jarring, though.

JRSM said...

Good point--perhaps they could have let the texture of the boxes spill over into the black section, as with the Penguin (RED) covers.