Monday, 22 March 2010

Drinking From a Skull Like a Coconut

A few months ago we looked at the first Blaft Anthology of Tamil Pulp Fiction (here and here). And now they're abouit to release volume two. The cover promises more delirious and endearingingly demented shenanigans.

Click for a big version in all its mad glory.


Anonymous said...

She's drinking BLOOD from a skull like a coconut. Now that's impressive, considering she looks like a pop-tart.

Anonymous said...

Gawd!& Gaack! As a Tamil I should be horribly offended, but moderne abject tastelessness reigns supreme in this "No Moorings Age" !!!

Pulp Defender said...

Hi Anon!

As a fellow Tamilian living in Chennai I have seen first hand the original covers of various Tamil pulp stories. They are photoshopped visual feasts of kitschy gruesomeness and shine with the visual 'pulp' glory of the proud genre they belong to. For example one, has a kuthuvillaku impaling a hapless woman. Nobody seems to feel that this is an attack on their culture!

While it might seem awful and distasteful to some, die-hard pulp fans would just be like 'Oh, a hair-raising story lies within'

Pulp is Pulp, and has its own paradigms just like non-pulp literature does.

Pulp Defender :):)