Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Bob and the Books (Part II)

Continuing the attempt to catalogue every apearance of Louise Brooks on a book cover (started here)...


..the latter image being the same as that used on this wonderful book (see the original post for more information).


Brian Busby said...

Always nice to see Lulu, whether in Hollywood or not, but the use of Flappers and Philosophers has me shaking my head. This was, of course, the title of Fitzgerald's first collection, which was anything but his "Collected Short Stories". Indeed, it appears that Penguin has slapped this 1922 title on its own The Collected Short Stories, first published in 2000.

Adding to the confusion is the simple fact that even at 592 pages each, neither contains all of Fitzgerald's short stories, as title and subtitle imply.

Oh. Penguin, I am an admirer, but at times you do disappoint.

JRSM said...

Yes, it's not a good name for the book, especially since the US arm of Penguin has 'Flappers and Philosophers' available, as the original book. Of course Penguin US reprinted 'Jazz Age Tales' as 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' when the film came out, so it's Fitzgeraldian name confusion everywhere.

Lulu said...

It's intriguing that Brooks is still such an all-encompassing image. She seems to be being used in a variety of ways: Firstly, as a simple representation of the Twenties; but also as an example of a strong, independent woman, and then again as an image of vulnerability. The picture of her surrounded by books is incredibly evocative of all sorts of things, and in fact, looks like it could have been taken yesterday.

This is a really interesting thing to track - thanks!


JRSM said...

Thanks, Lulu: I think you're right on all counts. You have a fine user name, to!

Nicola said...

Oops could you delete my comment with me email address showing!

I notice all the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo covers feature a Louise Brooks bob and now the first imitators (as with Twilight) are starting appear with the same tattoo and bobbed cover.