Monday, 9 February 2009

Leaves? Genes? Stock!

Another sharp-eyed reader, Kevin Arthur of the fascinating Question Technology, has spotted another stock image breeding in the wild.

"Here is a trio that I just happened upon that use the same image of leaves," he says. "The last one is not a total match (it takes four of the five leaves and re-uses them -- I'm pretty sure they're the same leaves, though). The Walden edition I have a copy of and I think its design is excellent. The other two designs I don't much care for."

The original photo is by one Robert Holmgren, whose website has some lovely work on it. Here's a screen-captured sample (click for a big version).


Robert Holmgren said...

Hey, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I love that photo and wouldn't be surprised if it's on even more books.

JRSM said...

Hey, Robert, thanks for stopping by: your photos are lovely. To paraphrase Kevin , I wouldn't be surprised to find your work all over lots of books.