Tuesday 19 September 2023


My book is out, published by the good folk at Orbis Tertius Press, should you wish to read it. You do wish to read it, right? It's the discontinuous narrative of an Australian family in short stories, including glass eyes, false mermaids, inadvertent death, nuclear weapons, and the accidental destruction of the Sydney Opera House.

You can buy it here for now. At some imminent-ish future date it should be available on Amazon, where it may be cheaper (but I'll get very little in the way of money), assuming you can square that with your conscience. That's up to you, I'm not your mother.

There's a zero-budget book trailer here:


PLG member said...

Ordered and expected delivery date is between October 05 - October 09. Is it coming by boat?

JRSM said...

I suspect it will be quicker--they seem to give themselves extra time in the estimate in case something fucks up.

JRSM said...

And also, THANK YOU!