Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A Man Without breath at the Chime of a City Clock

Another new Philip Kerr novel, another cover image duplication...

Due early 2013

Published 2010
This has happened before (see here), and suggests a shortage of sultry femme fatales in the world of stock photographs. The Taylor novel is pretty good, by the way: Patrick Hamilton/Julian Maclaren-Ross reimagined as low-key crime novel.

On another note entriely, I was entertained by this graphic from Delayed Gratification magazine:

Click for much bigger version

Given that only a small part of these books is sex, when that's their only reason for existence, it's astonishing how much woeful prose their devotees are willing to swallow to get to the rude bits. It hardly seems worth it.


amateur idler said...

Ha! You summed up my thoughts on the shades of gray phenomenon perfectly. People must be very desperate.

JRSM said...

It's such a lot of work to go to for so little excitement!