Monday 16 July 2012


Here's a very nicely designed set of covers for a new trilogy of novels by Michael Stutz, set in the beginnings of the internet age, about "growing up on the computer screen". All three books were released together as a matching set, designed inside and out by Peter Lutjen (interviewed here).

Michael talked about Peter's designs with me. "There's a few things happening in the covers that you might find interesting: the colors that Peter chose for the main titles are the red, green and blue tones of a computer's RGB color display. An ongoing image and refrain in the book concerns a ghostly willow, and I think he captured that atmosphere perfectly--what he did sort of reminds me of the opening credits to the old film Carnival of Souls. He also put another hint at computer technology down around the moony circle at the bottom, if you can catch it--it's a very serious literary book, so he wanted to include a hint of this retro technology without beeing overly 'geeky' about it."

Here are some frames from the opening of Carnival of Souls, as a comparison: black water, vegetation and bright, integrated text...

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Russ said...

Could do with some more colour.