Wednesday 25 May 2011

Caustic Kindle Critic Follow-Up

In the comments to a recent post mocking awful ebook covers, the sharp-eyed Craig D. directed me to this Sherlock Holmes ebook, featuring the cutest, least threatening Hound of the Baskervilles ever seen.

The same publisher also has these two unlikely covers on their list.

As inapt as these 3 covers are, at least this publisher releases their public domain ebooks at no cost, so more power to them!


Craig D. said...

I've never read The Jungle Book, but I look forward to the scene in which Mowgli encounters the housecat in the thornbush by his grandmother's front porch.

What's amazing is that the excellent Sidney Paget illustrations for the Holmes stories are in the public domain, and there's nothing preventing anyone from using one of them as an ebook cover.

JRSM said...

It is weird--I'm guessing these were maybe designed my someone for themselves, using their own photos, and the making them generally avalable was an afterthought? It's hard to say, though.

Matthew Adams said...

There is something kinda funny and nicely surreal about these somehow. I would actually make the call that the designer of these covers is just a funny type of funny.

I mean, most people would go with a snarling hound with saliva spraying from jagged jaws and red glowing eyes.

Maybe I am being too kind.

Datrappert said...

That dog's eyes ARE kind of freaky....