Thursday 5 November 2009

Highsmiths II

Sorry that this and the previous post are low on text--I'm a bit busy at the moment with annoying, non-book-related shenanigans. However, here are a bunch of mostly excellent Patricia Highsmith covers from the past and from foreign countries, which is what L. P. Hartley would have us believe is what the past is, in any case. Included are a couple of editions of The Price of Salt, Highsmith's first novel, published as by Claire Morgan, and now usually called Carol.

(Click for a bigger version)


I especially like this owl/mouth from the Spanish edition of The Cry of the Owl.


Gould said...

Incredible! That Cellule de verre novel just happened to be in a used bookstore in front of my building. Browsed through it a month ago.

Craig D. said...

Love the Japanese Eleven cover. Just the other day I was looking at the Cover Art section on the official Philip K. Dick website and admiring a lot of the Japanese covers. They look strikingly similar to that Eleven cover. (Same publisher, perhaps?) Check it out if you're interested: