Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Just a quickie, as I don't really have information about any of the designers, but in early way Faber are putting out a set of 10 'Faber Firsts', ie first novels by since-well-established writers to whom they have the rights. What's nice is that the covers are designed to emulate other Faber cover designs through the company's 80-year history. From the Faber website: "Faber Art Director Donna Payne has identified nine key strands of Faber's design history, and each of the novels will have a new cover designed by a contemporary designer which is influenced by one strand. They will all be two-colour."

Another book I very much want to get when it comes out at the same time is novelist and bibliophile Joseph Connolly's Faber and Faber: 80 Years of Book Design. Unfortunately, as yet, there is no available cover image.

UPDATE: The New York Trilogy cover is by the excellent gray318, says the Book Design Review.

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Anonymous said...

One thing these covers have in common...they're all s**te!