Tuesday 8 July 2008

Workplace Madness

The workplace is widely known to be a place of constant low-level insanity. Three recent books have used this as the basis for works of fiction, and there's a certain commonality to some of the cover designs.

The first is Joshua Ferris's excellent Then We Came to the End, with a beautifully designed cover by Kam Tang.

The second is Ed Park's more overtly paranoid Personal Days, with a headless-chickens-in-the-office cover design by Al Heighton.

Finally, there's Rick Moody's novella collection The Omega Force, which I have not yet read, having been burned by Moody before. I don't know who did this cover, but I like it. (UPDATE: The cover is by the illustrator James Joyce. As someone who shares their own name with at least three well-known musicians, I know his pain.)

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Anonymous said...

I passed on reading Personal Days precisely because of comparisons to Then We Came to the End; I think I was the only person in the world who hated it. No doubt such comparisons have sold it to plenty others though, so good luck to them.