Tuesday 29 April 2008

I... WANT!

A quick look at a just-stumbled-upon lust object. It's Uncredited: Graphic Design and Opening Titles, a look at the design and history of movie titles and their typography.

Here's the publisher's blurb: "Credit sequences have packaged films for more than 100 years and although many people have seen them, few have considered this essential element of film from a graphic point of view. Designers and typographic artists such Saul Blass, Pablo Ferro, Maurice Binder or Kyle Cooper have all worked on film credit sequences, using their unique talents on the aesthetic and typographic principles of design. Uncover the work of prestigious designers such as Tibor Kalman, Milton Glaser, David Hillman, Juan Gatti or Simon Taylor who's work has contributed to the visual impact of some important works in film history."

The cover is nicely cluttered, and makes you want to play spot-the-movie or score how many you've seen, as well as bringing back (at least to design nerds like me) memories of especially effective opening titles--good to see Seven, James Bond and Alien there.

Here are some shots of the interior pages, all nicked from Amazon.

It also appears to come with a DVD showing all of the title sequences discussed.

Hmm, only £45? Time to take advantage of the astoundingly strong Australian dollar...

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