Wednesday 26 March 2008

Seth versus Dorothy Parker

As a brief corrective to the last post's whinge, here's a Graphic Classics cover that is, I think, absolutely perfect. It's by the Canadian comics writer and artist Seth (real name Gregory Gallant--what's with these guys and their first-name-only pseudonyms?), and it's for The Portable Dorothy Parker.

And here are the front and back flaps.

As always, click for all the wonderful detail.

So what makes this a success, in contrast with the Jason/Kerouac cover? Without compromising his style, Seth has designed something entirely appropriate to the writer and the era he is covering. It incorporates examples of her work and style, and manages a number of clever, witty flourishes. It has been done with obvious affection for Parker, but with a clear-eyed vision of her flaws as well. It is, quite frankly, one of the best examples of cover design I've seen.


Anonymous said...

I think your wrong about Seth. That cover looks exactly the same style as the covers he has designed for Fantagraphic's Complete Peanuts by Charles Schulz. I suppose it is not so bad with Parker, because as far as I am aware, she is not already associated with any graphic style? But I hate the Peanuts covers by Seth. Same muted colours, same amount of think black lines, same black shadows, etc. I didn't realise Parker was gothic noir.

Too much Seth, too little Parker/Schulz. Bleh

JRSM said...

Fair do's about the Peanuts covers, but I still love his Dorothy Parker cover. It's rather more lighthearted than gothic noir, surely? It just looks very 1920s/30s to me.