Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Colour Copies

A new book is published, and all of the publicity material keeps pushing its similarity to another huge commercial success. But not everyone reads publicity material, and to read a book's blurb you have to be persuaded to pick it up in the first place. So how to you subliminally make the millions of readers of a certain black-folks-can-only-succeed-if-good-white-folks-are-their-champions novel pick up your book? Colour coding.

The original (in a couple of different but matching forms):

The would-be:

Regarding The Help, my views are summed up by this parody poster (sorry to whoever created it, but I can find no original source by Ali Gray, from here):


matthew. said...

This is similar to the editions of Wuthering Heights designed to look like the cover of Twilight.... At least in this case, it's a trick to have the reader improve their reading skills.

capillya said...

Oh, color copies. It's bleeding red and black all over the YA cover realm because of Twilight. Gag.

gervase_fen said...

The Help poster is from a series by Ali Gray first seen here:

JRSM said...

Ah, thank you! I'll add that to the post.

Thomas Hogglestock said...

I didn't read the help but I really disliked the film and I think this film poster sums it up.