Sunday, 17 January 2010

Erotic, Valorous, Furious, Terror-Stricken, pathetic, Comic, Disgusting, Marvelous, Peaceful

One of the most striking covers I've ever seen:

It's The 9 Emotions of Indian Cinema Hoardings, another strange and wonderful book of Indian pop culture, published by Tamil Nadu-based Tara Books. I learned of this publisher, and their special handmade books scheme, through the excellent BibliOdyssey. Here's the back, with more information (click for bigger, readable version):

And here are a couple of interior spreads, to give you a taste (again, click for bigger versions):



Brian Busby said...

The feline eyes, combined with what I take to be a half-ripened cherry tomato and pomegranate arils in the mouth, makes for the most disturbing of images.

JRSM said...

I know! He looks like me cat when he's in the process of 'turning', going from enjoying a pat to shredding my arm.

Rex Parker said...

I was gonna go with "apple and pistachio shells," but Brian's version is more colorful. I've never seen the word "ARIL" outside crosswords. Nice work.


C. Pinheiro said...

Brian is an artist-- and his medium is the English language. The best I could come up with was, "hey-- his eyes look like Jocelyn Wildenstein's"


I guess that's why I write textbooks, y'all.

But it is a striking cover.

Alan said...

It's a shame the type's quite so terrible, but that's still a really striking cover.

Unknown said...

Wow! I love both Bollywood and Tara Books... This has to be mine!