Monday, 31 August 2009

Funny Peculiar

Blogging about book covers, I have a folder where I put all of the cover scans that might come in useful. Sometimes, though, the images get detached from the notes about where they're from and what I was going to say about them. Then, when I'm going through the folder to clean it out, I find stuff like this.

Googling cannot help me track down where I found this. But really, what more is there to say?

UPDATE: A little more, as it turns out. Derek of True Small Caps identified the cover artist of this book as Eric Stanton, and a couple of his other cover images for this series of After hours books can be seen here and here.


Matthew Adams said...

I really want to read that book. Is that clown a psychopathic It type thing? Or is he just some kinky headmaster bored with his stuffy middleclass life, looking to escape his humdrum existance with some funny sex?

Derek said...

There's a few more from this series on Amazon:

The cover artist for all of them seems to be Eric Stanton, who once shared a studio with Spiderman artist Steve Ditko:

Ben said...

Beautiful, just beautiful.

JRSM said...

Derek, you have eagle eyes! Thank you--I'll add that info to the post.

Anonymous said...

Ahh... the thinly veiled comic book cover. That's a poorly-disguised Wonder woman/Scarlet Witch costume if I've ever seen one.

God, remember the Scarlet witch and her sexually intoxicating android husband? I wondered where I got my later fascination with Star Trek’s Data... (okay, I'll stop-- I'm revealing too much about my closet geek-fetish-ness).

JRSM said...

I was reading something recently which said that now they have the Scarlet Witch committing incest with her brother. This is what happens when superhero comics try to introduce adult themes.