Friday, 12 June 2009

Penguin Hoax

Just a brief one for now: a forthcoming (September 2009) book about the history of literary hoaxes, by Melissa Katsoulis, is to have a nicely faked Penguin cover, being actually published by Constable & Robinson. (Click for a bigger version.)

Designer details to come, if I can work them out.


Robert Hanks said...

Thanks for that - core curriculum for me.

Did you see this lot?

There are quite a few of these things about; I'm thinking of collecting some of them into a single post.


Levi Stahl said...

So, so, so looking forward to this book! And the cover makes me even more excited. Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read this one. The cover's perfect!

JRSM said...

Robert, cheers for the link: those are so well done!

Levi and Kaitlin: very much one to look forward to. There's some great stuff on a couple of the most famous hoaxers (Chatterton, etc) in Paul Collins' wonderful and odd 'Banvard's Folly'.

Ian Koviak said...

I like this. Very satisfying for a designer. I think to the audience at large it may mean little. That is the danger with designing for designers and designing for the rest of the world.

Came upon these fun covers by Tom Adams:

JRSM said...

You might be right, actually. There must be plenty of people for whom Cuckoo Books will be as meaningful an entity as Constable & Robinson (or, indeed, Penguin).

Those Tom Adams covers are wonderfully lurid. Thanks for the link!

Ms Avery said...

Ha! Love it.