Thursday 3 January 2013

A for Anansi

There are quite a few Canadian books I'd like to get my hands on. unfortunately, unlike with books from the UK or the US, there are no online shops selling Canadian-published literature that don't charge embolism-inducing postage fees to post to Australia.

And now here are some more to tempt me from afar: they're the pleasingly retro-inflected A-List series from House of Anansi. Obviously inspired by old Penguins, each title has a new piece of hand-drawn illustration for its cover. Click for bigger versions.

That last title, by Lisa Moore, includes her story collection Open, which featured in this blog's second-ever post (on duplicate cover imagery).


matthew. said...

I see these all the time, but all the titles in the series are so ubiquitous that I'm disappointed that they didn't pick anything obscure or in need of revival. None of these titles are hard to come by, especially in used bookstores. Alas.

Brett said...

Quite a nice job collecting together the covers in this series.

JRSM said...

matthew, it would help if they were easier to buy OUTSIDE canada--i'd be interested in getting most of them if i could.

cheers, brett.