Friday, 4 March 2011

Brief Blather

Sorry about the lack of posting--I've been off at a work conference (though I'm still none the wiser about this 'project management' business, and am happy to stay that way) which  kept me away from the internet (I have no mobile phone or other portable device because I am a bad-tempered old sod). More substantial stuff is coming soon. In the meantime, here's the rather effective cover to the book I'm currently reading.

You might need to click to read that properly. It's a novel about Australian journalists caught up in Sukarno's violent Indonesia of 1965, and very good indeed. The cover's by Jenny Grigg, using a photo by Paul Schraub. My next post will be a more intensive look at Grigg's work: in the meantime, here's another of her excellent Vintage Classics covers.


Anonymous said...

Sponsored by Vintage?

JRSM said...

Ha! I wish. If you want to see me being rude about Vintage, see the 'Orange Inheritances' post.