Wednesday 3 February 2010

A correction, an apology, and some puzzle books

First up, I draw your attention to an important correction regarding the last post: those covers were originally going to be by Alan Aldridge, but in fact the covers I showed were the work of Allen Jones. More info there. Many apologies for the misattribution.

Now, this blog is generally pretty much in awe of Penguin Books and its design work (and history), but that doesn't mean we'll admire everything. I present these three covers, which combine a current craze I find disproportinately irritating with an unattractive variation on the classic Penguin look.



August said...

While I can say I'm with you when it comes to the sudoku craze, I must admit that I quite like the covers.

Brian Busby said...

Well, at least they used different colours. I expect "miscellaneous yellow" will be next. But Mr Mepham, really, why Murder on the Sudoku Express when you could have had Ordeal by Sudoku or. for those of us with wicked minds, Why Don't They Sudoku Evans?

Rex Parker said...

Sudoku = [revulsion], so Sudoku books = [revulsion + rage at mankind]