Thursday 23 July 2009

Giovanni Thermes & Alberto Moravia

This is a very quick post: I'm doing some freelance design work which is swallowing up all of my free time at the moment, but will be back to more substantial posting soon. In the meantime, some recent (for me) discoveries--the dramatic covers Giovanni Thermes designed for Alberto Moravia's Penguin Books editions in the 1960s. Click all below for much bigger versions.

Rather better than this old Panther cover, for example:

Or, indeed, this more recent Penguin cover:


Gould said...

Qual Fantastico libri ! :-))

JRSM said...


Miss Sara said...

I like Giovanni Thermes drawings. I think they are appealing. Cannot say if they relate to the theme of the book however. As for the Panther covers, i think they are a bit cheesy but not horrible. On my last trip to a bookstore i have seen much worse!
Do you only comment published book covers? What about amateur work?
Best wishes!

JRSM said...

Absolutely, there's definitely worse out there--it was just the comparison that amused me.
I've only really talked about published work here, but please send me a link if you're interested.