Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Edward Gorey Bonanza Part 4

Here we have something of a mixed bag: a representative sample of Edward Gorey's covers for other people's books that don't fit into one of the three other categories. Here you'll find crime novels, poetry, cookery, biography, guides to gravesites, fantasy, non-fiction, and a book consisting entirely of transcripts from the nocturnal utterances of a man who talks in his sleep.

I should note that I suspect The Recently Deflowered Girl was actually written by Gorey under a pseudonym, but because I'm not certain I'm including it here, rather than in the next post, which will look at Gorey's covers for his own books.


Oly said...

hello there, if you have not read recently deflowered girl, there is a post here for it:


i enjoyed this book very much.

JRSM said...

Wow--thanks for that link: it's great to read the whole book! I'll post a link on the blog proper. Thanks so much.