Wednesday 26 March 2008

More Changed Covers

Here's another look at covers that change between their first announcement by the publishers and their actual appearance on the shelves. In each case here I like all of the before and after covers, although I slightly prefer the unused originals.

This is the paperback of Alan Pauls' The Past, from Vintage. The final version is a slight modification of the original hardback cover, rather than something new.

Here are a couple of books from the great NYRB Classics which I have to have. Stefan Zweig is one of my favourite authors, and so a previously unavailable posthumous novel from him sounds great. If you want to know more about him, I wrote more about Zweig over at Bookslut.

Over at the NYRB Review Books blog, there's an entertaining article about why they had to change another of their forthcoming book covers. Their edition of J. A. Baker's The Peregrine originally featured entirely the wrong bird.


Anonymous said...

Before and after photos. On Alan Paul's book, the left hand one is what's currently on sale in the UK. The right one looks like the hardback. Although that may be what you were saying.

JRSM said...

Oh, that's odd. Perhaps they changed their minds back again--thanks for letting me know.