Tuesday 18 March 2008

Hard Case Crime Revisited

Here's a quick follow-up to the look at Glen Orbik's covers for Hard Case Crime.

Another artist Hard Case use a lot, and who does sterling work, is Gregory Manchess. I've read the two John Lange rediscoveries Manchess has provided the covers for.

Lange was an early pseudonym for Michael Crichton, and he should have stuck with the fast, funny pulp crime rather than the portentous climate-change-denial rubbish he seems more interested in these days.

A close look at the cover of Zero Cool revealed something interesting (besides the bikini babe). What is she reading?


Anonymous said...

I've been trying to decide if I should bring these books up on Judge a Book. You've decided me against it. They're just too too cool.

JRSM said...

Yes--they can be _knowingly_ uncool, but in a quite cool retro sort of way.

Christina said...

I freaking love this blog!!!

JRSM said...

Well, shit, I'm not going to argue with praise like that, Christina. I hope you have a bit more luck with some good books for your own blog project (and what's with that second blog you're running--the name sounds, well, intriguing?).