Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Neon Starr

No Exit Press is primarily a publisher of crime novels, and for the most part their books look like any other bog-standard crime novels: shadowy figures, stock photos of cities at night, author names in massive blocky type. But for some reason they have made an exemption for the books of crime novelist Jason Starr (who I have to admit to having never read, but having seen these covers I will now rectify that). The one I first saw, which really grabbed me, was this:

Click each cover for much bigger versions

These covers, by Sharm Murugiah, make excellent use of overlaid images and eye-popping neon colours. I'd assumed that works riffing on the Marber grid were probably a bit played-out these days, but I like this take on it.


Stan said...

I like these a lot; they're bold and pulpy. By coincidence I just finished reading a No Exit publication: Muscle for the Wing by the great Daniel Woodrell. The '18 years' anniversary mark adds to the almost grindhouse-film feel of the cover.

JRSM said...

That's a good one, too. I remember reading a couple of those 18-year anniversary editions, but I never saw the Woodrell at all. The only book by him that ever shows up in bookshops round here is 'Winter's Bone'.