Tuesday 28 August 2012

The Woman is Orange (and Lenticular)

When Julian Schnabel's movie biopic of Jean-Michel Basquiat was released, art critic Robert Hughes memorably described it as “a film about our worst dead artist, made by our worst living one.”

When I see this new production from Taschen, a collection of photos by Mario Testino with a lenticular picture of Lady Gaga on the front, it is the collision of the most overrated living photographer with the most overrated living pop singer that is striking.

I can't imagine who would want such a horrible object in their house. The book looks pretty vile, too. (Boom-tish!)

(By the way, anyone who has recently suffered massive head trauma can buy a special edition of this book, in a plastic injection-moulded box, for the princely sum of £450.)

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