Wednesday 25 April 2012

The Cash-In with the Dragon Tattoo

Inspired by this article about the various people selling "copycat" books through Amazon (ie books, mostly self-published, designed to cash in on, and be purchased by confused people instead of, the current hot books), I thought I'd see what Amazon was currently selling to those for whom three massive phonebooks of ineptly written Scandinavian crime were not enough...

The book referred to in the article--Amazon has just removed the book from its listings, but you can still buy it as a CD-ROM, should you go mad drinking turps

This is a sort of perfect storm of current trends in publishing--so much so that I'm frankly amazed that, no matter how appalling the prose, some publisher didn't buy the rights

Secret 1: She's not real; Secret 2: She's really badly written; Secret 3: She's the bizarre wank fantasy of a very odd writer

Given the witlessness of this title, could there be anything less funny than the contents of this book?

Adam Roberts used to write clever, entertaining science-fiction. Then he started turning out gormless trash like this.

Two girls, one tattoo.

If Larsson had been more honest about his depictions of women, this would have been the book he published.

Apparently, iPads Macbooks will survive the zombie apocalypse.

A reader's guide for those for whom the books are too difficult; presumably those people are too dumb to notice that the tattoo is not of a dragon.

The most shameful bit of attempted cashing-in on an already shameful list

Compared to the rest of the books here, this is almost classy.


Emma said...

I think I love you!
(But that zombie is holding a Macbook.)

JRSM said...

Aw, I'm blushing! Thank you. Obviously I'm not so clever as I thought, re Apple products...

Anonymous said...

What? No Fifty Shades of the Dragon Tattoo?

matthew. said...

I tried watching the Fincher film and was totally turned off by the self-insert feel of everything. I hear the books are even worse for that. But to be fair, he never intended to publish these turds so we can't blame him, can we?

JRSM said...

Thatcovergirl: Quick! Write it! Your fortune will be assured!

Matthew: We have to blame someone! The publishing of the books cannot go unavenged!

Ian Koviak said...

The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo. Priceless.

Do look out for The Tattoo With the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Tattooed on a Baboons Ass by Gary Larson.

Sequel coming out this summer.

Anonymous said...

These are genius, I am going straight to amazon to purchase all of them.