Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Penguin & Not-Penguin

(Click for much bigger version)

Two covers of note today: the first is this marvellous design for one of my favourite novels, Kinglsey Amis's Lucky Jim, a new edition coming out from Penguin in April. It's by comics creator and illustrator Luke Pearson, and captures the characters and several of the situations (one a great dream of revenge). For more of Pearson's covers (for his comics), see the end of this post.

The other cover is for a self-published book by David Thorne, who I had not previously heard of (though his first book was published by Penguin). He has proudly posted a full cease-and-desist letter from the publisher on his site, commenting that it will make the first few copies of his book a collector's edition. You can see why Penguin might be worried--they have a sense of humour about their logo, but only when they're the ones doing the joking.

And now to those other Pearson covers...


Anonymous said...

Penguin's issue with the David Thorne cover isn't about "humor", it's about the fact that he closely simulated the Penguin branding on a book they didn't publish.

It just seems like he tried (and failed) to offend the company...kinda lame.

Ian Koviak said...

That Penguin with the middle finger is priceless. Sure, I can see how it can piss off someone though.