Thursday, 12 January 2012


Slinkachu is a deservedly successful artist who creates miniature street scenes on real-life streets, photographing them and then leaving them behind to become part of the environment, and a mystery for those who might later encounter them. He's put out two collections so far, Little People in the City (the front cover of which is 'They're not pets, Susan.') and the exhibition catalogue Concrete Island.

Here are some of his photos from the books.

I bring him up now because yesterday saw the release of the English translation of Belgian writer Dimitri Verhulst's book The Misfortunates by Portobello Books. Portobello wisely commissioned Slinkachu to create the cover for this tale of a family of Belgian drunks and their misadventures.

See much more of Slinkachu's work at his site, or visit the blog where he posts new work.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Totally love his work. I looked through all of his pieces on his website...good good stuff. Makes me feel incredibly lonely, though. Thanks for sharing.

JRSM said...

Thanks! Yes, even the funny images have quite a melancholy feel to them.

drew said...

These are really great.

Matthew Adams said...

Funny and lonely and lovely.