Monday, 17 October 2011

Romantic Fabers

Having recently not liked a set of Faber reissues, it's pleasing to be able to commend F&F for a different set of books: collections of selected poems by the great Romantics, with beautiful woodcut-style covers and endpapers designed by various contemporary artists. I'm not sure which artists are responsible for which boioks, but the whole project was directed by Faber senior designer Miriam Rosenbloom.

Some of these images pinched from Design Sponge, where I first came across these covers.



John Cumbrel said...

Love the Shelley. Not too sure about the yellow Satanic Mill on the Blake, though.

JRSM said...

For some reason I thought the Byron cover featured an octopus, and it took a while to realise that this was not so.

Ian Koviak said...

Seems like woodcuts have been done at one point or other for most major re-issues/collected works/classics. There are lovely, but I'm just observing. Colors on these bug me as does the binding. Casewrap? Could have just been a simple flex-binding.

Dean Gorissen said...

Think the Shelley is the standout, but really, as a series they are beautiful. And the endpapers make it a great package!