Monday 6 June 2011

"The unpleasant, acrid smell of burnt poetry."

Will Schofield of the ever- and increasingly amazing 50 Watts pointed me towards this new work by the marvellous Tomer Hanuka, who I interviewed here.

Click for much bigger versions of this and all other Wodehouse covers below

It's part of a set of six new Wodehouse covers imminent from Norton in the US, each designed by a different artist.

Cover by Alessandro Gottardo

Cover by Antony Hare

Cover by John Hendrix

Cover by Jonathan Bartlett

Cover by Lilli Carré, about whom much more here
For a convoluted look back at the history of P. G. Wodehouse covers, see this post, and for the least appropriate Wodehouse cover ever (which also gets his name wrong), see the end of this post.

Speaking of Tomer Hanuka, he has also done two more John O'Hara covers for Vintage Classics UK (his frst two are shown here).

And finally, speaking of 50 Watts, you HAVE to look at the winners of the design-a-book-cover-in-a-Polish-style competition. This was inspired by the book 1000 Polish Book Covers, an amazing thing I will be posting about as soon as I get my copy.


Georgie George said...

Hi there-just wondering if you know anything of Dawn Powell's fiction and have some ideas about where, in Adelaide, I might be able to locate her work? Eg the university library?

JRSM said...

Hey, George! Dawn Powell's excellent, especially 'Angels on Toast' and 'The Golden Spur'. The Barr Smith has the second one, and several others.