Thursday, 7 April 2011

Fangs, a Gauld, Saltzmans and Morstads

Having recently talked a little more about the great Tom Gauld, I thought I'd better post this new cover of his that I've just come across, for a book due out in August. It's Kevin Wilson's The Family Fang, about a pair of performance artists and their troubled offspring, who are frequently forced into being a part of their parents' artworks.

I also have a copy of the US cover, with a nice paper cut-out 3D effect, by artist Julie Morstad and designer Allison Saltzman.

This seems an opportune time to showcase some of the other design work by Saltzman, who has an extensive portfolio of wonderful cover designs...

 well as more gorgeous work by Morstad, who has illustrated several children's books, along with other work.

Click on any image for a larger version.


matthew. said...

That Fowles cover is amazing. I don't think I've ever read it, and I thought that I had read everything by Fowles

Tulkinghorn said...

As is appropriate for a memoir by a jazz singer, the Jonathan Schwartz cover 'refers' (I suppose the word is) to the cover for the Tina Brooks album "True Blue." Given the talent involved, one assumes that it's a case of happily acknowledged appropriation.

Pete said...

That Gauld cover is wonderful. Too bad I'd have to pay trans-Atlantic shipping to get that edition here in the U.S.

JRSM said...

Matthew: It was unfamiliar to me, too, and it's such a good cover.

Tulkinghorn, thanks for that--it looked Blue Note-y, but I didn't catch the specific reference.

Pete: You might try as they charge no postage.