Wednesday 12 May 2010

Big & Bold

Having yesterday received a book which sounded both fascinating and the latest deliberate contender for the Great American Novel, The Lonely Polygamist by Brady Udall (the 650-page tale of a Mormon man with four wives, umpteen children and a failing business), I was delighted by the cover by Andy Smith.(Click for a nice big scan.)

Smith has a blog and a Flickr page where he shows some of his other work. Among these are a number of excellent book covers. Unlike many jackets, these work well at any size: the big, bold type, integral to the images, is clear and eye-catching even at online thumbnail image size, but I can also imagine them as beautiful, huge posters. Great stuff.


Bob Fingerman said...

Those covers are all really great and eye-catching.

Matthew Adams said...

Yep, great covers.

CH2P said...

nice & interesting visuals !
feel free to check my blog "mondorama 2000" dedicated to vintage illustrations in colour taken from encyclopedias (mostly french) for youth from 50's to 70's