Tuesday 6 April 2010

Hesperus Brief Histories

Four books due out from Hesperus in the middle of the year (which probably means we'll see them some time in 2012, given Hesperus's recent track record*) are their Brief Histories of various forms of literature. Every cover is made up of a shelf of relevant books, but every book is both a fake and a pun (and there's a nice range of fake publishing imprints in there, too).

Among Hesperus's other allegedly forthcoming titles, I especially like this cover.

* I have about a dozen Hesperus titles on order, most of them scheduled to have come out in late 2008 or during 2009, and none of them yet to see print. They do great books, but you do have to wait a bit to read them.


Rob said...

Those do look good.

Speaking of Hesperus, I do wish they'd bring back their website. It's been offline for what, a year or more?

JRSM said...

I know--their website is down, their blog and Myspace pages haven't been updated for nearly the same length of time, and their books get later and later. It's as though they want people to think they've gone out of business.

Levi Stahl said...

I had begun to suspect they had gone out of business. I'm glad they're at least announcing new titles, even if they aren't yet delivering them. That at least gives me hope.

JRSM said...

Just yesterday I got a Goethe which I'd had on order for donkey's years, so fortunately they're definitely still going.

J. Kingston Pierce said...

I couldn’t help it. I just had to give you this award:


Keep up the good work.

-- Jeff