Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Romek Marber Round-Up Part 3

Here we go with a whole mess of miscellaneous Romek Marber crime novel covers. Again, click on the images for nice big versions:

It should be quickly noted in passing that from this selection, The Second Curtain by Roy Fuller (a poet and sometime novelist) is absolutely brilliant, and somebody should reprint it pronto, while William Mole's The Hammersmith Maggot is, sadly, complete pants.

Also, how similar are those Murder in Pastiche and Closed Circuit covers to these recent inclusions in the Penguin Great Ideas series?

Next: the conclusion, with some of Marber's non-crime covers.


Steerforth said...

Fantastic. I wonder how many of today's covers will warrant a blog like yours in 40 years' time?

Anonymous said...

There's a designer at Vintage USA who's done some very fine, beautifully simple yet unusually expressive covers for a number of Albert Camus books. They will probably stand the time test. Certainly deserve to.
Can't remember her name though.

Ricky Lee Grove said...

Marvellous! You certainly come through on a request - big time. Thank you so much. Fascinating and beautiful art. I actually have several of these paperbacks, but didn't realize who the cover artist was. Again, I sincerely appreciate you posting these.

JRSM said...

Yes, those Camus covers are very nice--the black and white geometric ones. Not many covers will last, though, I suspect. It's interesting that many of these Marber covers were for what were seen as essentially disposable thriller paperbacks.

My pleasure, Ricky: there are a few more to come!

Ian Koviak said...

This kind of stuff would never even be considered by any editor. Fact. Unfortunate, but fact.

JRSM said...

It's sad, isn't it? These covers are so effective.