Wednesday 16 January 2008

More Cover Comparisons

Another of those quickie posts looking at the use of the same or similar images on book covers. First of all, this chap seems to get around...

It's the same image, flipped, in both cases. Bel Canto is a wonderful book, about an opera performance overtaken by terrorists, presumably inspired by the Moscow Nord-Ost siege at the appalingly named Theatrical Centre of State Ball-Bearing Plant Number 1. The second is a small collection of some of Fitzgerald's short stories, and since Fitzgerald is one of the greatest short story writers ever, you should read it.

Here we have two books published by Penguin, one new and one from long ago, with very similar cover treatments. Not much to say beyond that, except to note that the first is from Seven Hundred Penguins; a finer piece of book-cover-porn you will not find.

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